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MX Futbol

Euro Casino Reviews has recently signed partnership with MX Futbol Bet the new portal for betting focused on Mexican football. Visitors will find reviews, best odds and sportsbook that specializes on Mexican football as well as very interesting article series around latin and Mexican football. Where does the passion come from? How deep involved is the politics within MX Futbol and much more.

We are very satisfied with this partnership and match our vision to start look at the latin market for Casino reviews as well. What caught our interest after first hearing about MX Futbol Bet is the professionalism that the site stands for. With a great line up of journalists to cover the betting side as well as the history and story telling around Latin America and Mexican football and this is something we can stand behind.

As part as the Latin America is growing football market world wide and specially in Europe very are very pleased with this. Just by looking at the attention and spotlights that follows Argentina, Brazil and El Tri (Mexico national teams nickname) during this years World cup tournament in Russia is really nice to see and well deserved. It just is another passion around the national teams there then what it it within Europe at the moment. And that is something we only can compare to the passion some of the club teams in Europe have within theirs own fans, just amazing and affects us very nice.

So, visit today and read everything about World cup 2018 and the upcoming League premier in Mexico. Find the best odds and the Sportsbook the does the best cover for Mexican football and that suits your needs under MX Futbol Betting.

We look forward to the collaboration and the sharing of new insights within the European casino market as well as Latin America gambling market. VAMOS!

/Euro Casino Reviews team.