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GDPR friendly casino

What is a GDPR friendly Casino? To start with is´s important to know the purpose EU have with GDPR. The purpose with the law is clear: “No one may be subjected to arbitrary interference with privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor for attacks on his honor or reputation. Everyone is entitled to the law’s protection against such interventions and attacks.”
The law is to protect and value the private life. So, for all our Casino players what does a GDPR friendly Casino mean?

GDPR friendly Casino

There is two main aspects we think when it comes to GDPR in the casino world. We have listed these two main points that we think is important for players to feel safe and not ”watched” when playing at the casino. The two important aspects when choosing most GDPR friendly casino is…

No Registration casino

The biggest one is of course No registrations casino. Which means that players doesn’t have to sign up or even create profile to play at the casino. By doing this the casino have no chance to send newsletters, messages or any other communication that could sometimes appear to be annoying for some players. We at Euro Casino Reviews have listed some of the best No Registration Casino as well as No Registration casino bonus.

Customer Support GDPR

However having the profile at your favorite casino have its perks. You will be able to see progress, history and can enjoy levels of achievements that the most Casino offers. Some Casino bonus are also specific to members only, whether its free spins och money bonus.
When players choose this path there are still important GDPR aspects that you have to be clear about. One of the most important one for us is the convenience to get your personal data deleted from the casino. When it comes to get your personal data deleted it directly falls under the category Customer support which we at Euro Casino Reviews always review and take big consideration of when it comes to rank a casino in Euro.

Our Customer Support review

For us a good Customer support in regards to GDPR is a casino support that can easily delete your data over the phone. A casino that doesn’t force you to send in paper or proof over your request. Euro Casino Reviews have tried all our listed casinos own customer support, and we are very pleased about the result from the test. It´s safe to say that all our listed casinos passed our Customer support test. Check out our listed casinos and read all about their Customer Support.

So you can choose to no registration casinos or you can choose not to in which case the customer support becomes even more important for you to enjoy your time at the casino.